Isuklo is a studio focusing on logo and identity design for brands, products and events.

What you see on the top left of your screen is our logo.
The lines are a traditional layout for books. It exists since medieval times and is still very much in use nowadays. We adapted these lines to a circle because the need of structure extends to a wider variety of formats in today's world.

It reflects a lot on how we approach our work at Isuklo.
We aim to create meaningful identities to ensure a meaningful place in the mind of anyone interacting with you. To do so, we always go back to three main questions: does it make sense? does it look relevant? does it feel right?


We are located in the South of France and we do speak English. We work with big organisations as well as very small businesses, locally and around the world. Each project has different scale and requirements, and we adapt our methodologies to provide tailored solutions.

You can reach us via our contact form right here → or send us an email at