Logo and identity system |
Product and packaging design

Blacksun is a Los Angeles based laboratory expert in suncare products: it provides highly advanced skincare technology into sophisticated designs.

We've been requested a logo and subsequent stationery kit that would fill the gap between medical/pharmaceutical and cosmetic codes. We've been also asked to help with product and packaging design.

An eclipse for the skin

Blacksun focuses on three main products:
a tan enhancer with a strong protection against a wide spectrum of sun related risks, a total sun blocker and an after sun repair cream.

Because each product goes way beyond the highest protection rates recommandations, we went for a full cosmetic and luxury approach in terms of design and naming. All the medical and technical descriptions were transferred on the external packaging and in a lengthier and more ergonomic leaflet.

Considering the client's industrial and cost efficiency requirements, we developed a three metallic color system referring to each product specificity, with a common wrapper for a cohesive ensemble:

Copper for SUN KISS, tantalum for SUN SHIELD and blue aluminum for SOOTHING SUN

Large for the beach,
small for the city

Because sunscreen products need to be reapplied regularly through out the day, and not only at the beach, all products exist in a small format, easy to slip into a bag.

We went for a white packaging tube for the large format to reinforce the skincare aspect of the product. The black design was relevant for the small product considering its cosmetic use.