Sweet Tooth

Logo and identity system

Sweet Tooth is a coffee shop where to eat some homemade licorices with your coffee.

We've been approached by Sweet Tooth team to create their logo and develop a visual system that would work around the general negative perception towards licorices.

A name with great opportunities
and a great personal story

Sweet Tooth has a great typographic opportunity in its initials. The S and the T make for a beautiful ligature.
The ligature itself represents a licorice ribbon, but more importantly, the guidance Sweet Tooth offers to her clients.

This logo is also a symbol of the Sweet Tooth owner story:
The logo is a Mrs Eaves typeface ligatures. The typeface was named after Sarah Eaves, who played a major role in the success of her husband, the famous typeface designer Baskerville. Mrs Eaves is a celebration of the forgotten women in the history of typography.

Licorices : an acquired taste

Instead of working around the consumer perception, we went for a more direct route.
We came up with the idea that, just like coffee, licorice needs a bit of education, tests and trials.

The labyrinth illustrates that process of personal experimentation.
We created five different labyrinth designs to be displayed on stationeries, as well as the different product packagings.